Overview and Origins

Startup Galaxy is a resource to encourage connections within the Australian startup ecosystem by providing an easy to navigate directory of Startups, Investors, Accelerators and Coworking spaces.

Andrew Armstrong and I built this tool in 2017 to give people access to the information that we found difficult and time consuming to find during our own entrepreneurial adventures.

Over time it became clear that others also wanted more information about the ecosystem to support their endeavours when questions like these kept coming our way:

Iā€™m a founder looking to raise capital, which investors can I target?

Who are the Fintech startups in Adelaide?

Which Australian startups have gone through US based accelerators?

I work in corporate and want to join a startup, how do I find them?

Hopefully these questions and many more like them will be easier to answer using our search and filters.

The Product

The Startup Galaxy homepage

The Startup Galaxy homepage

The browse page

The browse page

The startup profile page for Canva

The startup profile page for Canva


Help us make it better

After you have had a chance to use the site we would love to hear any feedback on how we can make it better.

If you know of any startups that aren't yet included please send them our way by using the Submit Form.