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Drop Water is a new way to distribute and sell bottled drinks. Our method of bottling is designed from the ground up to be healthy for our customers and eco-friendly for our planet.

My friend Scott Edwards founded the business and has built out a great team to commercialise the product and deliver his ambitious sustainable vision. I’ve had the pleasure of supporting the company as an advisor, employee & investor over the years and could not be more excited about what’s next!

the current way: Plastic waste

Traditional bottles are filled in a central bottling facility and then shipped across the country or across the world to a point of sale, where they sit and wait for a customer to buy them. They have to be made of strong materials so they can last through this distribution cycle and life on the shelf.

The future: Drop Water bottles that Don’t last

Drop Water bottles are shipped empty and collapsed to our point of sale kiosks and filled on-demand after a customer places an order. Because the bottles are not filled until they're ready to be consumed, they can be made out of materials that are truly sustainable.

Different styles of Drop Bottles

Different styles of Drop Bottles

Sounds great! So, how does this work?

A Drop Water kiosk at San Jose International Airport

A Drop Water kiosk at San Jose International Airport

This is a Drop Kiosk. It looks like a vending machine, but it's on another level.

It hooks up to a water source and power, and it uses some pretty high-tech robotics to make drinks on-demand.

But let's not get into the nitty-gritty. Here's what you need to know - this machine filters water and uses it to make custom drinks. You can add flavor, choose a level of caffeine, and even choose the temperature. And for you eco-friendly folks, that's not even the best part.

The bottles are 100% compostable. Yep, you heard us.

See it in Action

Our mission

We're on a mission to create a superior alternative to harmful plastic bottled water.

100% compostable bottles are just the beginning. We believe in a future where single-use products are made from or packaged in materials that are as biodegradable as something you'd find in nature, like a banana peel.

The current model of making and distributing bottled beverages doesn't allow for this. Plastic bottles are filled at a central facility and then shipped, full, to their point of sale locations. The packaging has to survive this distribution cycle and life on a store shelf, already full of water.

Drop Water is changing the way things are done. We ship our 100% compostable bottles to our kiosks while they're still empty. In fact, the bottles aren't filled until you (the consumer) place an order. This saves energy and money in the transportation process (water weights a lot!), and allows us to use materials that are made not to last.

Twitter employees showcasing Drop Water at the Lesbians Who Tech summit

Twitter employees showcasing Drop Water at the Lesbians Who Tech summit

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For more information and the latest updates check out the Drop Water website.